March 11, 2000
For Immediate Release
Media Contact: David Stewart

DSL Studios Opens Complex at New Location

(Louisville, Kentucky) DSL Inc., a leading recording studio in Louisville, has opened a brand new, state of the art facility conveniently located just outside of town in the Jeffersontown area. Building on an already solid reputation for excellent work among Louisville area musicians and agencies, DSL has expanded into a 2000 square foot space featuring two complete recording studios outfitted with the highest quality equipment.

After opening its doors over 10 years ago DSL has established itself as one of the community's most in demand recording studios, requiring the recent move to a larger space. David Stewart, president and founder of DSL, says he's thrilled to be moving into a space where the studio can flourish. "The new studios have been designed with total flexibility in mind," says Stewart. "We've designed one studio around a high tech Pro Tools computer based recording and editing system, while the other has a focus on vintage analog gear. We can tie them together seamlessly or easily move projects back and forth, offering the best of both worlds and maximizing the creative options for clients."

Stewart, who has two partners in the business, is quick to point out that top-notch equipment and technology are only part of what makes DSL tick. "All the equipment in the world is pointless unless there are people who have good judgment and the expertise to make good recordings." Mike Baker, DSL's Chief Engineer cut his teeth in the Los Angeles studio scene, and has been doing the bulk of DSL's sessions for the past ten years. "He's done a fantastic job both in terms of the highest quality audio production and in the skill of taking care of customer concerns," Stewart adds. John Bajandas, the third in the three-way partnership, has come on board as the studio manager. Baker says having John is a tremendous help. "David and I had been managing things ourselves, but with the growth and expansion into new studios we realized we needed a real manager who could keep the growing business running smoothly all the time. John's vast experiences with songwriting, arrangement, and producing bring another valued creative mind to the table, but his level headedness and background in management make him an ideal fit for us and we are thrilled to have him as part of the team."

Bajandas offers that flexibility and catering to the individual needs of clients is his focus. "We've built a great recording environment and outfitted it with state of the art equipment, but we also have access to a wide variety of producers, engineers, and musicians who can cater to many styles of music. Our goal is to produce the music and sound clients want, rather than having them adapt to the style of the studio." John also says he plans to utilize his extensive songwriting and arranging experience to produce projects and help songwriters fulfill their visions.

For more information on DSL Studios, call (502) 499-2102.

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DSL is a full service multi-room recording studio complex in Louisville, KY, specializing in music recording and production. DSL offers 64 tracks of digital recording in the sophisticated Pro Tools environment, while also offering 16 tracks of analog recording combined with another 8 tracks of Pro Tools. A full arsenal of the highest quality microphones, signal processing, and MIDI equipment complement the custom designed studios, which are acoustically treated to provide excellent isolation and superior recording acoustics. Services include writing, production, recording, mixing, mastering, CD duplication, voice-over recording, audio sweetening, audio post production and more. For further information contact: John Bajandas, Studio Manager at (502) 499-2102.