DSL Recording Studios:

After ten years of recording Louisville's best music, DSL has established itself as one of the city's premier studios for regional bands, songwriters, and performers. To mark our first decade in business, we have moved into a new facility designed with these artists in mind. Our goal is to provide the best in audio technology along with a full service production staff to guide your project from the planning stages to a fully realized master recording.

Our New Facility:

Using what we have learned, our new studios have been specifically designed for our clients. DSL is already known for its efficiency in making the most of any project, large or small. Now we have built-in an array of production choices within a relaxed atmosphere to bring about the ideal combination of focused work and comfort.

Our Services:

The Production Staff: Any studio is only as good as its people. At DSL, we strive to maximize your time in the studio. Our staff will assist you not only in the recording process, but also in examining all of the available resources in order to meet your goals, artistic or practical. Whether you are seeking an engineer, a producer, an arranger, or support musicians, we will respond to your needs. For professionals or first-timers, our experience and technical expertise will only serve to enhance your recording.

Making Your Recording: You only need to see them to know that our recording rooms have been custom built for sound. DSL offers two spacious control rooms. Studio A is equipped with 64-track ProTools Mix Plus system. As a self-contained computer based recording environment, ProTools offers state of the art digital technology as well as a variety of plug-in applications. Studio B offers 16 tracks of traditional analog as well as 8 additional tracks of ProTools digital recording. We have linked both rooms on an integrated network providing an analog tracking with digital mix-down option. Our tracking rooms can accommodate the full range of recording scenarios including solo performance, full band, and chamber ensembles. All rooms and booths are fully isolated, and a variety of high quality microphones and outboard gear choices are on hand to increase your production options.

Editing, Sequencing, and Mastering: At DSL, you will walk away with a fully completed master recording executed to the highest industry standards. We have the tools to edit, balance, sequence, and maximize your multi-track and stereo recordings. We will lead you through the enhancement options available during the mastering process, and finally provide you with a reference CD, ready for duplication.

Tape, DAT, & CD Transfers: If you have existing recordings, we can make transfers between audio tape, digital audio tape, and compact disc. At DSL, we can also work with existing analog or digital multi-track recordings from systems other than ProTools. During the process of transferring your recordings, you will be able to apply our mixing, editing, sequencing, and mastering services.

Digital Back-up & Archiving: At DSL, we provide a daily back-up service for our digital recording sessions to insure the safety of your recordings. Upon completion of your project, we can digitally archive your multi-track recordings for long term storage.

Your Next Step:

At DSL Recording Studios, you will find not only a superior creative environment, but also a team of knowledgeable professionals eager to assist you in taking your sound to the highest level. We offer competitive pricing with package rates tailored to your project.

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For Our Commercial Clients:

Let the record show that DSL has helped to create the Louisville sound. In today's marketplace, the most effective commercial soundtracks feature music that is original in concept and modern in performance. Our staff of writers and producers can assist in the creation and execution of your ideas with a cutting-edge spin that only DSL can access. Our resources include the top performers in all genres of music. We can bring together the talent and the technology to complete your project efficiently and on time. Advertising Jingles Original Soundtracks Video Postscores Voice Recordings.

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