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DSL Studios is fully equipped with a purposeful combination of modern high-tech and proven vintage equipment. You can choose to do your recording on analog equipment, a state of the art 24-bit Pro Tools digital audio workstation, or any combination for the best of both worlds.

The equipment is an important part of any recording project, but we believe it is only one ingredient required for a good recording. You also need expertise and the good judgment that comes from experience. DSL Studios is built on a tradition of excellence in every phase of a recording project. You'll find a comfortable and excellent sounding recording environment where the smallest of details have all been cared for and optimized to help you produce an excellent product.

The DSL staff is constantly evaluating equipment on the market and strives to bring the proper combination of technology, reliability, and overall value to our clients. A partial equipment list is posted here. But you should keep in mind that we are adding new tools on a regular basis. If you don't see something you want, or if you have any questions at all please ask us. A more comprehensive list will be posted in the future. In the mean time please give us a call to discuss your recording needs.

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Two Pro Tools Mix Plus Systems - each loaded with high quality plug-ins and related software (too numerous to list). Massive amounts of daily backed up hard drive storage, including hot swappable Ultra Wide SCSI mechanisms that can be quickly moved between systems. Interfaces include Apogee AD-8000 (two), Digidesign 888|24, and 882. SMPTE Slave Driver, DTP, etc.

Digital Performer, Logic Audio, and other related software packages

Tascam MS-16 - 1-inch 16 track analog, w/dbx

Amek/TAC Scorpion 50 input console (heavily modified)

KRK, Mackie, UREI, Roland, and other studio monitors

Hafler, Crown, Carver, EV and Stewart amplifiers

Sony and AKG headphones

Focusrite ISA-430, Amek 9098, BSS-916, and other preamps

Summit, UREI, dbx, and Focusrite compressors

Lexicon, Sony, Yamaha, Roland, and Zoom digital effects processors

Neumann M149, AKG C414, AT 4051, Shure SM-57, Beta 57, GT AM62, Beyer 201, CAD E-100, EV RE-20, Sennheiser MD 421, MD 409, and other microphones.

Several makes and models of synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, basses, and amplifiers are on hand.